Jonas Stokke

small mirror with wooden base next to a spongesmall mirror with wooden base next to a sponge

About the studio

Jonas Stokke’s design studio was established in 2016, in Oslo Norway. The studio’s work is characterized by a harmonious blend of technical prowess and aesthetic sensibility, resulting in work that are both functional and with a strong visual hook.

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Red outdoor Bench designed in steel, two peopleple chatting, autumn sceneRed outdoor Bench designed in steel, two peopleple chatting, autumn scene

Munch bench

The Munch bench began as an international competition. Our main hypothesis was that just because you are in a museum you should not have to be uncomfortable. That is why we added a back and a molded seat with upholstery. The museum is organised vertically so as a visitor you can take breaks between the different parts of the museum. Our benches would then function as a resting place in between the art experiences. The competition was based on portfolio and motivation, no sketch proposals. In the final interview round with Juan Herreros, the architect, and the museum's top management, we were asked what distinguished Munch museum, from one of Turner, Goia, or any other defining figure. We uttered something about the freedom and wildness, and the lightness of Munch´s work. Together with our portfolios, we must have done something right, because we won, beating a roster of top international designers and architects. It was designed together with Andreas Engesvik for the opening of the new museum for the Norwegian modernist master.

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Stonewood bowl designed by Jonas Stokke, cardboard mock upStonewood bowl designed by Jonas Stokke, cardboard mock up

Stonewood bowl

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Lighting at Flesland Bergen Airport designed by Jonas StokkeLighting at Flesland Bergen Airport designed by Jonas Stokke

Custom lighting, Bergen

We had collaborated with Nordic Office of Architecture on several projects so when they asked for input on their industrial design, we were eager to respond to the challenge. Our job was to work with extruded aluminum pieces to ensure a sound structural solution with clean aesthetics. Since the lighting spans 17 meters we contemplated having the aluminum parts delivered by ship, but that proved unnecessary. SM Lys were responsible for the lighting engineering and Nordic already had the concept in mind. Another strange factor was to keep the files out, or rather to keep them invisible once they got in. Flies always find a way into lamps no matter how sealed they are designed. With the double bottom light diffuser they would not be visible to the unsuspecting general public eye.

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Design is giving form to our objects, shaping our physical surroundings. This means as a designer we can be part of a solution or part of the problem, creating relevant and long-lasting products or frivolous objects responding to an impulse in the market.

Physical models that I can spend time with in the studio are my tools for ensuring the geometry, functions, and materiality are right. Being selective in my collaborations is how I know a project's lifecycle is handled responsibly.

My ambition is for this combination to create long-lasting products.