​Noor chair

The Noor chair is the result of a collaboration between Norwegian chair manufacturer RBM and Norwegian, Swedish and Danish design studios StokkeAustad, Form Us With Love and Susanne Grønlund. Designed as a platform it sets a new standard for environmentally friendly footprint and flexibility of use. 

The intention was to create a chair you would instantly feel a bond of sympathy for.

RBM Noor 1 red dot
RBM Noor long tablePrint
prototype StokkeAustad-square


Built on a moulded seat with four different leg structures, Noor creates more than fourteen different chair options all available to dismantle and recycle. This flexibility with all its details brings the chair to a new level of usability.

Working on Noor has been one of our most challenging and rewarding projects yet. While delivering on extraordinary environmental ambitions and translating the aesthetics to a complete range without compromising the design, we have designed a chair that is comfortable yet light, present but still subtle.

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RBM Noor passage areaPrint
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Our aim was to create a durable and contemporary chair that would stand naturally in various environments. We wanted to express simplicity while emphasizing the refinement of the different parts. A clear and subtle silhouette with an inviting body. In a sense honesty and sympathy is where it all started for us.

RBM Noor canteenPrint-2
RBM Noor projectPrint2
4 leg darkAsh-Black upholster 00084-square


The Noor chair is the result of the collaboration between the Norwegian producer RBM and the Norwegian, Danish and Swedish design studios; StokkeAustad, Form Us With Love and Grønlund Design. It started with a weeklong workshop in Dale, a small village tucked away in a fjord in Western Norway. In the initial workshop not only the designers and the producer was present, but also representatives from the production line. From there on the initial concept was refined and expanded into a whole platform, including among other things

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Rbm Noor Library
Rbm Noor Group Work Area B Print
Rbm Noor Cafe

Project details

  • Year: 2013

  • Producer: RBM, Flokk

  • Material: Steel, polypropylene, ash, oak, upholstery


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