Kitchen Operating System

Livly was a startup venture initiated by Jonas Stokke. The goal was to let local food entrepreneurs scale beyond their physical limitations through cloud kitchens.

Livly set up hyper-efficient industrial kitchens that produced food on behalf of brands for takeaway only.

The restaurant brand could reach new customers in new geographies without the traditional cost, hassle, and risks associated with traditionally scaling a restaurant concept.

A single Livly kitchen could accommodate up to ten different food brands.

Livly Kos 20210128 Livly Jonas Stokke 032
Livly Kos Kitchen Display Unit Jpg

The challenges the technology must solve were notoriously finicky customers' preferences and challenging unit economics.

Firstly is organizing the flow of orders in the kitchen. The Livly operating system received orders from multiple streams and organized and sent them to the right chef at the right time. The backend would contain all up-to-date prices on the raw material, as well as individual chef performances.

Livly Kos Backend

The consumer-facing app allowed Livly to establish direct relationships with the end users but, more importantly, to curate the content to the individual needs while promoting menu items that increased Livly's profitability and kitchen efficiency.

Fckthatsdelicious Livly Cfc
Livly Kos Consumer App

Project details

  • Founded Nov 2018

    Total dishes shipped: 125 000

    Annual Revenue Run Rate: 20 MNOK

    Employee count: 30

  • Partners:


    Ahaan by Plah

    Pacific Poke

    Mr Fish

    Sides by Sidemen


    Big One


  • Featured in:

    Dagens Næringsliv





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