Amnesty International

The interior of the Amnesty International office in Oslo communicates honesty, transparency and a straight forward image of the organization to visitors and to the employees.

To create the optimal environment for such a dynamic space we focused on its use and the various activities taking place during the day.

This required us to find flexible solutions while expressing the work Amnesty is doing in Norway and around the world.

reception-desk01 Amnesty 140611
process02 Amnesty 140613
process03 Amnesty 140613

Subtly defining and dividing the space in areas, the flooring creates spaces for the various activities and so enhances the flexibility of the space.

StokkeAustad Amnesty 03
meeting-table01 140606

“It is better to light a candle than

to curse the darkness.”

- Peter Benenson, founder of Amnesty International

detail-meeting-table Amnesty 140611
cabinet-meeting-room Amnesty 140611
meeting-white-board Amnesty 140611

The auditorium is a dynamic and democratic place used as a central meeting hub. Throughout the day, the space brings people together and mobilizes for action.

The light concept enhance the quality of the space.

auditorium-overview Amnesty 140611
wall-lamp-and-bulb Amnesty 140611
auditorium-detail-stage-croped Amnesty 150612

The sparseness of the space responds to the various activities; personal working, relaxing time, group activities, concerts, lectures, press conferences or workshops.

The three stage elements in front of the wall can be easily moved around for a different setting of the space.

detail-stage-elements Amnesty 140611
auditorium-people-on-stage Amnesty 140611
auditorium-people-on-island Amnesty 140611

A free-standing wall supports the presentation screen as well as creating a space to tidy up technical equipment and furniture. 

door-storage-stage Amnesty 140611
reception-desk01 Amnesty 140611

Project details

  • Photo credits: StokkeAustad by Delphine Rumo

  • Design: StokkeAustad

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