The Butch mirror borrows geometry from the standard issue construction I-beam. 

The Butch mirror is, as the title might imply, an exploration into masculinity in design.  The mirror is positioned at an angled and set within a heavy duty frame. The mirror works both ways, meaning the mirror can be turned upside down or back to front depending on the height of the user. The mirror is a limited edition and is produced in Oslo, Norway

Butch Detail6
Butch 2 Jonas Stokke

The mirror is a small table mounted mirror intended for shaving or make-up. The space between the mirror and the frame can be used as a handle.

Butch Detail 5
Butch Detail 3 Jonas Stokke
Butch Jonas Stokke 1
Butch Detail 5

As always, modelmaking has been a crucial part of the development of the project. Here are images of the final foam model without the mirror inserted. As the inside of the frame holding the mirror is not flat, there is more complexity at play than what first meets the eye. 

Without the mirror the model reveals how the side angles are changing along the height of the mirror.

Butch Model3 Jonas Stokke
Butch Model1 Jonas Stokke
Butch Model2 Jonas Stokke
Butch Detail6
Butch Detail 4
Butch Jonas Stokke

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