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Vitra+ is an initiative by the Vitra Oslo Brand Store where they invite designers and architects to exhibit in their store. We were honored to be the first ones out to create an exhibition that will be open until Septermber 2014. In our scenography we created a modern interpretation of the bath house tradition where we mix our products with a selection from Vitra's catalogue.

tile-dotti-blue Vitra 140701

The Bath House

Being a place of comfort, the bath house has a calming presence of large and tranquil surfaces designed to enhance well being and cleansing. It is a meeting place for people with different stories, of different ages and gender. Our starting point for the exhibition was to trace the presence of a feminine and masculine space. We abstracted some of the elements of the bath house, as the tiles, the arcs and steps and incorporated them into our exhibition. The palette we based around tones of blue and skin with contrasting black.

On the left is a detail of the spotted tiles.

wall-picture Vitra 140630

Blue Woods

For this exhibition we developed a special edition of The Woods in hues of blue and grey together with Andreas Engesvik. As earlier they were produced by master glass artisan Vidar Koksvik. The stems were slightly thickened adding that little extra sturdiness, grounding the trees nicely. 

They are available to purchase in the Vitra Brand Store in Oslo. 

m 140626-Vitra-StokkeAustad-75856
m 140626-Vitra-StokkeAustad-75842


To add texture to the exhibition and showcase some of the other exciting talents from Oslo, we mixed not only Vitra products but also works of other local designers and artists. Shown on the left next to Stone Mirror are Karen von Pederstad, with Retusj jewelry, M°I #09 and M°2 #0502  

Also showing are Maja Stabel, with the fashion pieces Pillar and Lintel, Kjersti Gjestrud with the copper, thread and hair sculpture, 'Why do you feel like you have to compensate', and a photo by Marius Ektvedt of the Swiss alps.

Below left: StokkeAustad carafe and glasses on George Nelson's bench for Vitra. On the right Jean Nouvel's Pure shoes 

m 140626-Vitra-StokkeAustad-75902
white-shoes Vitra 140701
IMG 6493
outside-shop-straight Vitra 140701

Project details

  • Design: StokkeAustad


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