The Gateway to Scandinavia

In April 2017 a new extension to the Oslo International Airport Gardermoen opened. As a part of this we designed a series of alternative seating furniture. This project was done in collaboration with Nordic Office of Architecture. Avinor, the client, had a wish to develop a set of alternative seating and pavillions that should enhance the experience of the traveller without any commercial pressure.

It should be inherently Norwegian, and be different from the rest of the furniture at the airport.  

Gateway Pit Nord Før Paviljonger Jonas Stokke
Gateway Jonas Stokke Deatlj
Gateway 7 Jonas Stokke

The concept was built around two main elements. Three pavilions, and seating "rocks" made of solid wood. Two of pavilions were designed for relaxation, while the third was designed for work. The pavilions themselves feature upholstered walls overlapped by wide spaced wooden lats wall. The work pavilion was more sheltered from its surroundings while the relaxing ones were more open and inviting.

Gateway Pit Nord Før Paviljonger Jonas Stokke
Gateway 6 Jonas Stokke
Sittestein Jonasstokke
Gateway 5 Jonas Stokke

The coloured carpet provides a visual and tactile contrast to the wooden floor elsewhere in the pier. RBM Noor chairs were mounted on custom gas lifts, and each work station is fitted with light and hidden electrical outlets. 

Gateway Jonas Stokke Pir Nord
Gateway 3 Jonas Stokke

To provide ambient lighting, some of the lats were replaced by internally lit Corian in stead of wood. The base lifted the structure so as to float above the stainless steel protective frame. 

The seating pieces were produced in solid laminated oak and given a gradient lacquer which was completely opaque at the bottom to contrast the floor for visually impaired, and then gradually became transparent, exposing the wood structure in the top. 

Gateway 6 Jonas Stokke
Gateway Pir Nord Jonas Stokke

Project details

  • Design: 

    Jonas Ravlo Stokke

    Øystein Austad

  • Lead Architect: Nordic Office of Architecture

  • Producer: Bosvik / Nansen Interiør

  • Foto credit: Nordic Office of Architecture / Knut Ramstad


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