Shaped out of a massive piece of stone or wood with an angled mirror. The mirror is reflective on both sides and so reflects not only the person viewing it, but also the material itself.

Mirror StokkeAustad stone-back
Mirror StokkeAustad stone-front


The stone used is Black Beauty, indigenous to Værlandet, and island off the western coast of Norway. The sedimentary rock popularly known as Black Beauty or Landøy Stone is found at the boundary between greenstone and conglomerate, and can be described as a black granite enhanced with volcanic accents. The predominantly black surface contains hints of green, red and gold.

sketch mirror straight forweb
Mirror StokkeAustad pine-small

​Turned Wood

We wanted to explore how the mirror behaves when made in a different material, such as ash, pine and oak, which the smaller mirror shows. The use of wood also makes it lighter and easier to handle and feels softer to the touch.

Shown on the left in pine.

Mirror StokkeAustad wood-big-small


When working with a shape as simple as this, the detailing is essential to keep it from becoming banal. At the same time we wanted to keep the strong character from the original sketches. The process focused on working with models in 1:1 and refining the curves, as well as the meeting point between the flat surface of the mirror and the volume of the base.

Mirror StokkeAustad oak-mirror-small-with-moss
Mirror StokkeAustad small-mirror-in-hand
Mirror StokkeAustad wood-big-hairbrush

Project details

  • Producer: Prototype

  • Year: 2014

  • Material: Black Beauty, pine, oak, ash and mirror

  • Design: StokkeAustad

  • Photo credit: StokkeAustad by Delphine Rumo

  • Dimensions large: 343mm Ø130mm

  • Dimensions small: 190mm Ø65mm


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