Custom Lighting

As part of the new terminal building at Bergen International Airport, we were brought in to solve the lighting situation above the baggage reclaim area. The concept was simple, the challenge was not. In the end the lamp ended up being over 30 meters long and 7 meters wide. We used aluminium profiles to keep the simple, clean expression from the original concept. By designing a sturdy profile, the number of struts could be kept to a minimum with an even light distribution. The design was developed in close collaboration with Nordic office of Architecture, the lead architect on the project. 

1007 Bergen Lufthavn Flesland T3 N119 Medium Jonas Stokke Nordic Cropped
1007 Bergen Lufthavn Flesland T3 N118 Medium Jonas Stokke Nordic

The economics of scale

The lamp measures 30 by 7 meters and the sheer size of the lamps made it unlike any other lighting project we had worked on. It came with its own sets of challenges and possibilities. Extruded aluminium quickly came up as a good candidate for the task providing a accurate, detailed and lightweight solution. 

The extruded aluminium allows for long sections, reducing seams and keeping the number of struts needed to a minimum. The profile allows for multiple functions to be embedded in the design. 

The clean outside hides a section constructed of layers, ensuring an even light distribution, structural integrity and calm aesthetics.

1 Flesland Lighting Concept Isometric Jonas Stokke
1007 Bergen Lufthavn Flesland T3 N119 Medium Jonas Stokke Nordic
1007 Bergen Lufthavn Flesland T3 N160 Medium Jonas Stokke Nordic

Project details

  • Year:

  • 2017

  • Material:

  • Extruded, anodized aluminium, Acrylic, LED

  • Design:

  • Jonas Ravlo Stokke

  • Øystein Austad

  • Nina Havermans

  • Nordic Office of Architecture

  • Photo Credit:

  • Knut Ramstad, Nordic - Office of Archtiecture


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