Fri Sofa

I wanted to design a sofa that is free of any unnecessary concepts or distractions. A sofa that is light and elegant, yet spacious and comfortable. The sofa has a shaped back and sides so if it is placed in the center of a room or a lobby it appears as a highly formed object. The slim frame is and legs gives an airy appearance, while the protruded seat gives plenty of space for laze afternoons.

This sofa is very much a result of the collaboration with the supreme furniture maker LK Hjelle. Their relentless search for perfection and deep industry knowledge helped me in the design process.

The sofa, including the wooden frame, metalworks, foam and upholstery is all produced in Norway and assembled at Hjelle's factory in Sykkylven, Norway.

Lkhjelle Fri 2Seaterjonasstokke
Lkhjelle Fri 119841Rett

The sofa is designed as a standalone piece, either in a two seater or three seater. The Two seat sofa measurres 210cm wide, while the 3 seater is 240 cm wide.

Lkhjelle Fri 119693Ret
Lkhjelle Fri 119789Ret
Lkhjelle Fri 2Seater Saddle Puma 0661
Lkhjelle Fri 119821Ret
Lkhjelle Fri 3Seater Vidar772 0665 Rett
Lkhjelle Fri 119634Reet
Lkhjelle Fri 119710Ret
Lkhjelle Fri 119868Rett

Project details

  • Depth: 96cm

    Height: 77cm

    Seat Depth: 58cm

    Seat Height: 44cm

  • Manufacturer: LK Hjelle

  • Design: Jonas R Stokke

  • Photo Credits: LK Hjelle


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