​Basic Series

A collaboration between StokkeAustad and Frost Produkt. The Glass series consisting of a water carafe, a wine decanter and an old-fashioned and red wine glass, is the result of a collaboration between StokkeAustad and Frost Produkt.

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Frost Produkt, much like ourselves, appreciate good food and wine, and the project was initiated after a common wish to create timeless durable tools for preparing, serving and enjoying food. We wanted to create sturdy durable and lasting objects; lasting both in quality of material, and through an abiding form.

In addition to the glass series kitchen utensils, cutting board, a trivet, and candleholders has also been designed.

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The carafe and decanter have a large opening for pouring water and wine into them, and big easily manoeuvrable cork. The large neck of the opening is also used as a handle. The glasses take after the carafe in their straight lines, angles, and slight cone.

The series was awarded Best Cooks Kit, by Wallpaper Design award 2010.

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Project details

  • Year: 2009

  • Producer: Prototypes

  • Material: Glass, oak, plastics

  • Design: StokkeAustad and frost produkt


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