​Access Towers

We were together with Haptic Architects highly commended in the international design competition for the new Access Towers in Oslo. The Towers are used to access the city's infrastructure and are replacing the current advertisement funded type.

StokkeAustad-Nedstigningstrn square01
StokkeAustad-Nedstigningstrn large01

The proposition is to give something back to the city of Oslo, a complimentary installation, regardless of placement and context, season and weather, night and day. The towers are clad in living plants, growing within a framework of steel louvers.

The towers change character with the seasons, from lush green in the spring and summer to reds and yellows in the autumn and a pared back, black and white aesthetic in the winter. At night, the towers illuminate from within, hinting of the metaphysical properties of the city’s infrastructure.

StokkeAustad-Nedstigningstrn square02
StokkeAustad-Nedstigningstrn large02

Project details

  • Year: 2010

  • Competition: Oslo

  • Design: StokkeAustad og Haptic Architects


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